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AAP Soft Start Assembly

Item ID: CAP-AV50-A
Manufacturer: AAP Soft Start Assembly
Manu Part No: CAP-AV50-A
Unit Size: 1.00
Availability: Ships From MFG

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    Extended Info

    Improve the performance and reliability of your machine with the next generation of air prep from SMC

    Gain competitive advantage by discovering the operational and production benefits of our latest AC Series air prep system

    Reduce cost, minimize space requirements and improve system reliability by discovering our new CAP Air assemblies manifolds!


    • Chose from Basic FRL’s to more complex Air Prep Systems with all the accessories that SMC is known for
    • Save time creating BOM’s
    • Save time building CAD model assemblies
    • Eliminate fabrication time of Air Prep systems
    • Purchase one part number and receive one assembly
    • Drastically reduce start up time and frustration
    • Using latest technologies to provide maximum efficiency to improve your machine or process
    • Designs with safety in mind
    • All components in stock for quick delivery
    • Order online option


    • Reduced design time
    • Eliminate assembly time
    • One part number gets you what you need
    • Reduce costs
    • Increase life of components with integrated soft start valve
    • Osha and CE compliance with CAT4 PL/e rated safety valves

    CAD Drawings

    CAP-AV50 STEP File