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Welcome To AAP Automation's Online Ordering

In order to make it easier to do business with AAP, we have implemented this e-commerce website for your convenience. We have made our major product lines available immediately, with additional lines coming soon. Should you wish to order an item that does not show as available, please feel free to contact customer service.

New Products & Resources

MB Net Remote Connectivity

MC Connect is the Global leader for remote connectivity to machines and process equipment. Learn about the way to bring your control system into the 21st century with secure remote connectivity.

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SY Valve Program

The new SY Valve series allows you to cover all needed flow rates and functions with one valve series. All standard Industrial Field-bus are available. Single valves and assemblies are available from AAP stock in days.

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Panel Quick Ship Components

Components ship directly from the manufacturer to your door! No more waiting for parts with Panel Quick Ship. Get the parts you need, when you need them!

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Rittal Enclosures

Industrial and commercial grade metallic enclosures, racks and accessories manufactured by Rittal for industrial network appliances.

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